5 Best City Building Games 2022

Best city building games – As a child, many of us enjoy the entertainment we get when we get to build our own Lego. It’s something about putting together piece after piece that makes it very satisfying. After a while, you started to see your Lego grow. City-building games give out that same feeling when we build our Legos. 

It started with one house and a convenience store. Then another house moved in, then another house, then another, then another. And once you realize, your city is already flourishing with people’s life and beautifully interconnected structures. 

Some of the best city-building games let players explore their imagination with buildings and create complex infrastructures. While also maintaining people’s overall welfare. By taking care of the crime rate, burning buildings, education and so much more. Although there is some selection of games that serve as a relaxing getaway much more than anything else. City-building games that are perfect for casual gamers who just want to lay back, relax and have an easy playtime.

The trend of city-building games started to rise as far as the 80s. In 1989 Maxis Studio released a huge hit which we all know as SimCity. With never-seen-before gameplay, the title surely gained instant fame all around the world. The last installment came out in 2013, and it wasn’t the best that they can deliver, to say the least. Although the game has seen better times, it’s time to move on and seek something new.

Fortunately, we have a list of the 5 best city building games you should try in 2022. 

5 Best City Building Games

Anno 1800

City Building Games Anno 1800

On our first list, we have the latest Anno installment from Ubisoft Studios. Our role in this game is to build a prospering city that advances through technology. Be careful to plan out your infrastructure so you have sufficient materials when building. 

Don’t forget that you also have to care for your citizen’s happiness. Because a great city is where you feel at home right? Besides building and caring for welfare, Anno 1800 also offers diplomacy and combat modes to expand your region. 

Cities: Skylines

City Building Games Cities skylines

As far as I know, Cities: Skylines has always proven to be one of the most ideal modern city-building games since the day it came out. It is arguably the greatest spiritual successor to SimCity that fails to stand the wit of time. As always your goal is to build a city prosperous with life from scratch. You will start with a plot of land and a road to connect from the outside world. 

To succeed at growing your city to the maximum potential, there are a lot of areas you need to take care of. Such as education, security, safety, economy and so much more. Place important public services in the right place to increase the welfare of your citizen. 

Plan out public transportation in an interconnected network within your town, and make sure that everyone has enough water and electricity. Eventually, you will grow from a little hamlet with 120 citizens, to a megalopolis with a population of around 90 thousand.

Technicity: Prologue

City Building Games Technicity prologue

Next on the list, we have Technicity: Prologue, a game that you may hear for the first time. It’s because the game hasn’t earned quite the spotlight as other city building games do. I could say that Technicity: Prologue is one of the most exciting new city-building games we have today.

That’s because Technicity offers what most games don’t, you can build your buildings in a first-person perspective. You can explore the game’s large open world using cars, planes, and even a helicopter, the game is also available to play with up to 4 friends.

Surviving Mars

Surviving mars

For this game, we can literally say that it’s an out-of-world experience to play. The game blends survival and city building perfectly to simulate how we could populate Mars to some extent. 

Once you arrived on Mars, you will bring the much-needed equipment and materials to create a functional, happy city for your colony. You have to make sure that you generate more materials, and food so that your colony can survive and thrive on Mars. 

Here you will be your own scientist, botanist, and number one city planner. Surviving Mars requires a lot of attention, as humans still need oxygen to breathe, you’ll have to find a way to generate unlimited oxygen. One wrong plan and your colony might be the last to ever set foot on the planet itself. Research and exploration take a huge part in this survival city builder. As it will let you improve structures and facilities to make life better living. 


City Building Games Frozenheim

The wind is cold, snow is everywhere, and it’s hard to find fertile land to plant crops, welcome to the old Viking age. Frozenheim challenge you to turn a 9th-11th century Viking village into a prosperous bustling settlement.

You will have a lot of freedom and surely creates engaging gameplay. Missions and combats are available to spice up the game, choose your approach so that you and your Viking village can prevail. For those of you who are big fans of the Vikings, this game truly hit the right spot. 

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