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Fix Graphics Card Not Detected On Windows 10

Fix Graphics Card Not Detected On Windows 10

Fix Graphics Card Not Detected On Windows 10 – Having a problem with your graphics card not being detected on Windows 10? It’s very frustrating to get an error like this. Especially for those who do not know hardware/software interaction that deeply. But don’t worry, here we’ll help you to fix graphics card not detected on Windows 10.

In truth, different reasons may cause your pc to not detect your graphics card. You can encounter this error in various places, which may add up to more confusion. 

Fix Graphics Card Not Detected On Windows 10

This problem can occur for a couple of reasons. Some people don’t even notice that their graphics card is not detected. Until they try to play games or just do anything GPU intensive. Although it is an extreme case, it illustrates the problem well enough. 

The truth is, there is an explanation for everything that may happen to your pc, and this is no exception. If you are playing something particularly GPU intensive, your GPU may overheat and temporarily shut down. 

Sometimes it doesn’t even come back online, and leave you with a black screen. 

Most modern CPUs will come with an integrated graphics card. If you are fortunate that your CPU has one, you can simply switch your monitor to that output and fix the problem from inside the OS. 

Enabling The Graphics Cards

Fix Graphics Card Not Detected On Windows 10 enable graphics card

First and foremost, this first method is the one you have to try before anything else. It is not unusual that your graphics card may get disabled for various reasons. That’s why, if your GPU is not detected, make sure you perform this method first. 

  1. Press Windows Key + X, and select Device Manager.
  2. Locate your graphic card, right-click and enable it.

If it gives you a yellow error sign, try to disable it, and enable it again. This will restart your graphics card driver. 

When this method doesn’t work, continue to the next method. 

Graphics card driver

Your problem may occur if you are using the wrong graphics driver, an outdated driver or your driver doesn’t work well with your current hardware. 

To see if this is the cause of your problem, try and find the update to your graphics card driver. If your driver is up to date, then it’s the opposite of the step above. 



Sometimes graphics card not detected error will occur upon installation of new drivers when something goes wrong. Whether it’s a bad driver, which is incompatible with another component inside the pc. 

To try and fix this, uninstall your latest update, and roll back to your last working driver version. 

Make sure that the discrete Graphics Processing Unit is enabled in BIOS

If you have both an integrated and discrete graphics card, your Windows might not be able to detect it unless you enable it directly from BIOS. 

  1. While your computer boot, keep pressing F2 Or Del button to enter BIOS
  2. Go to Chipset, and search for dGPU Configuration
  3. Find the dGPU feature and set it to Enabled. 

Keep in mind, that different motherboard manufacturers have different BIOS configurations. So, this BIOS solution may differ from one motherboard to another.

If you can’t find an option to enable your GPU, look back at the motherboard’s manual. 

Opening your computer case

If figuring out from inside the OS brings no luck for you, now it’s time to check your graphics card physically. First, open up your PC case, and locate your GPU. Now, check if the power cables are properly plugged into the GPU. 

After that, check whether your graphics card is properly seated in the PCIe x16 lane. A good way to tell if your GPU is seated properly is to look out for the click sound it makes when mounted. 

Lastly, you should check if your PSU has enough power to handle your GPU demands. If you only have a 300 watt PSU with a high power demand GPU, your PSU won’t have enough power to support your GPU. 

That is some of the methods you can try to fix graphics card not detected in Windows 10.

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