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How To Use Your Android As A PC Speaker

Android As A PC Speaker AudioRelay

It’s without a doubt that the invention of internal audio hardware for PC has made our lives a lot easier by not having to set up external audio setups. This also makes it very efficient to carry your PC all around, thus laptops are great productivity tools wherever you go. But, can you imagine a laptop without internal audio hardware? Surely a nightmare to set up in a minimalist working space. 

But one day your laptop suddenly experiences an audio problem. You are not really sure of what you are dealing with, and you are in the middle of your work far away from home. As it turns out that having working audio is crucial for you to finish your work, say you’re editing videos. So, how do you escape this situation?

Now before we go on, do you know that you can use your Android as a PC Speaker? If you don’t, well now you know! When your built-in speaker or audio jack has failed you, you can use your ol’ handy Android as an external speaker for your computer. 

So, here are the steps you can follow to use your Android as a PC speaker. 

Turn your Android as a PC Speaker Using a Wi-Fi connection

First of all, to connect your phone to a PC speaker using wifi, you need to have both your Android as well as your PC connected to the same wifi network. This method is not a very reliable method to use as there could be a few lags in your audio playback. 

First, download the AudioRelay app on your Android and your Windows. You can download the app from the Play Store and download the Windows server software from their official site. Remember to download the AudioRelay according to your PC operating system. 

Once you install it on both devices, open both of the AudioRelay apps. In the windows version, you should see something like this:

Android As A PC Speaker Desktop

And on Android it looks like this:

Android As A PC Speaker Android

If both your Android device and PC are on the same wifi network, you should see your Windows server on the Android app. Click on your desktop server address and it should automatically transmit the audio from your PC to your Android. 

Try to play any sound within your personal computer, if the sound comes out from your Android, then it works. The app should work even if you minimize it on your phone. 

In case the desktop server does not show up on the audio server list, you will have to go manual. Look for the IP address on the AudioRelay PC software, and input it manually on the Connect by Address tool. 

Turn your Android as a Speaker using a USB connection

The next method still involves the same third-party app we use to transmit the audio. But instead of using the wifi connection, this time we will use a USB cable as the audio transmitter. There are some pros and cons to this method of the audio relay. 

One of the most crucial advantages is that you will have a lot less buffer, lag, and delay in your audio connection. Making it a very seamless audio transmission experience. And one of the disadvantages is that you will need to have a phone constantly dangling with a piece of cable. 

First, connect your phone to your PC using a USB cable. Now open the AudioRelay app and click on the USB tethering mode. Turn on USB tethering and make sure your PC is connected. 

Now AudioRelay should display a second Desktop server for you to connect. Make sure you connect to the server that is connected through USB tethering and not the wifi server. Once you are connected, enjoy audio transmission with almost no lag and delay. If you have difficulty connecting via USB tethering, try using different USB cables, or different USB ports.

Besides using your phone as a PC speaker, you can also use your Android phone as a mic for your PC using AudioRelay. Just open the AudioRelay PC client, open the Player tab and select the Mic option under the Mode section.

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