Tips To Survive Minecraft First Night

Survive Minecraft First Night – We all know that Minecraft has been around for more than a decade now, a sensational global phenomenon in the gaming industry. Many YouTubers and Live Streamers have found success by playing Minecraft to entertain their audiences. Besides the famous Youtubers and streamers, there are also players who enjoy playing Minecraft by themself.

With around 140 – 170 million players worldwide, Minecraft just refuses to die. The game developers also make a great job of keeping the game fresh with each new major update. The community is thriving with loyal fans and millions of new players each year. 

While veterans are busy with Hardcore mode, multi-modpack experience, and Redstone engineering, it’s no shame to be a first-timer. But for those who are just starting out, to survive Minecraft first night can be a bit confusing and overwhelming. 

That’s why today I welcome you new Minecraft players with some tips to survive Minecraft first night. This should give you a headstart and a good rule of thumb for what to do and what to expect during the first few days and nights in Minecraft. 

How to survive Minecraft first night

Getting basic materials

Survive Minecraft first night by getting wood

You spawn in the middle of nowhere, it could be in the woods, in a jungle, or even in the middle of an island. Wherever you spawn, you have to act quickly in the first few minutes. Since you will start with zero items, that means you have no tools and no weapons to protect you from the outside world. 

The first thing you have to do is punch out some wood to equip yourself with essential tools. Walk up to the nearest tree and push it until the wood drops. Wood is basically the first building block to get and the most you will be using for the rest of the game. Gather a bunch of logs in your first few minutes and turn them into planks. To do this, you open your inventory and put your wooden log into the crafting interface. 

Once you have wooden planks, turn them into a crafting table, this will be your first step to an endless possibility. Using the crafting table, build yourself a wooden pickaxe. If you don’t know how to arrange the materials, you can open the green crafting recipe book or read it on the Minecraft wiki

Use your first tool to gather lots of cobblestones, then use these stones to create more reliable tools. Now you can craft a stone pickaxe, axe, hoe, shovel, and sword to protect yourself from monsters in the night.  

Create Shelter

Survive Minecraft first night and build a shelter

Ssstt… listen. Do you hear zombies growling? wait I think I also hear spiders and skeletons, watch out! Nightfall is a very dangerous situation in Minecraft for your very first night. In the night, monsters start to lurk in the world and are ready to attack you at sight. 

Although these monsters can give you benefits later in the game, in the beginning, it’s your biggest threat. Unless, you have a way to protect yourself from the outside world, by having a shelter. 

The best way to survive Minecraft first night is to build yourself a simple yet sturdy shelter for your protection. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, a solid structure from dirt can do the job quite well. If you found any sheep during your exploration during the day, try to get some wool, so that you can make a bed. In any case, you are able to craft a bed for your first night, congrats! you can just sleep the night out. 

Find Food

Minecraft food

Being able to move swiftly to avoid dangers is a very important part of your play. Every action you do in the game such as chopping wood, mining, running, and jumping will cost you hunger. When your hunger bar drops low enough, you can no longer run or jump. 

Imagine you have to escape a horde of monsters in the middle of the night, you feel safe that you can outrun most of them. But then you stop running, and when you look at your hunger bar, it’s already too late. That’s why it’s important to keep track of your hunger, especially before doing anything risky. 

With a low enough hunger bar, not only you will stop being able to run, your health will stop regenerating. Heck, you can even start to lose health as you starve to death.

So, cover as much area as you can during the day, and go get enough food to support your activities. You can get various kinds of foods in the game, starting from meat, to berries and vegetables. 

Light the way

Survive Minecraft first night by placing torches to prevent mob spawning

Remember that you have to protect yourself from dangerous monsters? Well, besides having a shelter for cover, you can also do some precautions. Zombies, skeletons, spiders, and creepers have one thing in common, they hate the light. That’s why they only appear at night in the first place, since they will burn when sunrise, except for creepers.

To keep the inside of your shelter from spawning any monsters, you’ll have to place some torches. Torches are made from a combination of sticks and coals (or charcoal). You can gather coal from your surrounding since it’s one of the easiest ore to obtain in abundance. 

If you failed to obtain coal before the first night arrives, there’s one trick that can help you. It is possible to create charcoal using wooden logs. To make one, you just have to cook wooden logs using any wooden materials you have. A well-lit environment can prevent mobs from spawning in the area.

Find a village

Minecraft village

A village should be the first structure that you have to locate during your early play. You may see that most professional speedrunners try to locate the structure almost immediately after spawning. 

That’s because a village can give you instant protection from harsh environments. With Iron golems to protect you from monsters at night, and if you are lucky enough you’ll find cats. Cats are a great creeper repellent, so you’ll be totally safe around the village.

Not only that, but you may also obtain several useful resources for your survival. Such as foods, ingots, armor, and so much more. 

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